It all began with a promo

This is the post excerpt.


No. My love for food didn’t begin with a promo. It began the moment my mother dipped her finger in some cerelac and gently rubbed it on my tongue. I don’t remember that moment, but she – my mother – knew that what she was carrying in her hands was one kid whose appetite would be the stuff legends would write about.

But… legends didn’t really write about me and my love for food, so I decided to do so myself.

Now, the promo that it all supposedly started with. It was around 2008 (yeah I know, way back – I am old I think), when the media company I was working for were short of a writer to do a food promo. A food promo, for the uninitiated was when you would eat good food, and write about it. Until then the eating was pretty much happening. But at that moment, the writing happened. After that, I continued to write, in an official space, for business reasons, but not for myself.

It is late in the day, but well why not? Guy’s gotta start sometime at least, yeah? So I did. And this will continue. I promise (myself).

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