Leon Grill: Bring it on, Leon!

What perhaps started as a tiny place in Jeevan Bima Nagar (HAL 3rd Stage / Indira Nagar) has now branched out to Indira Nagar 100 feet road, HSR Layout and Lavelle Road (that I know of… let me know if it’s at more places).

Leon Grill serves some of the most delicious food, in an unpretentious, hep setting. On their menu, you have peri peri fries, peri peri chicken, and peri peri rice, inter alia. Goes without saying that whoever set their menu, likes their peri peri very very much. That apart, there are regular fries, fries with chilli garlic sauce, and other staples like burgers, salads, kebabs, wraps and the like.

The place is usually crowded, so if you are going during peak hours (lunch or dinner), you will most likely have to wait, or takeaway. They don’t deliver yet, but have partnered with Swiggy. The sheer number of Swiggy delivery personnel hovering around Leon Grill is clear indication of just how good and popular their food is.

Definitely a 4 out of 5. I’m tempted to give an extra point, but I have only eaten at their Jeevan Bima Nagar outlet, and so have to restrict my review until I visit the rest of the branches.

Leon Grill,
1671, Jeevan Bima Nagar Main Rd, Hal, HAL 3rd Stage,
New Tippasandra, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560075. Map


Majlis: Take your seat, the council is in session… and it’s bloody good

Majlis this far is easily my most favourite restaurant in Bangalore. The food here is so high on flavour and aroma, I cannot bring myself to rate any restaurant higher than here. If the mercury levels reduce, try out the rooftop for pleasant seating.

Everything from the biryanis to the kebabs, to the hummus and pita bread, and the veggie dishes are excellent. The Dahi ke Kebab, butter chicken and warqi naan are delicious. What’s not to be missed is the Murg Rampur Yakhni biryani.

Be prepared for a zaffran (or saffron) induced trip, but please keep in mind that the place is expensive – your card has got to have a good amount of dough if you’re walking in to Majlis.

As the name suggests, the decor is inspired by Arabic, Islamic themes, and showcase a very commanding interior.

5 out of 5. You already know that I love this place. You must try it out.

420, CMR Rd, HRBR Layout 2nd Block, Near Sena Vihar, Kalyan Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043. Map.

KK Momos: Try these… NOW!

All right let’s get this straight. I don’t like Momos very much. Yes, I know, I know, I am weird. Ok, let me put it this way. God help me, I don’t really enjoy Momos as much as the other person does. Capeesh? But damn when I saw all that cheese being generously loaded into a momo, I knew I had to try it. And you know what, I actually enjoyed it.

KK Momos is a tiny cart run by a couple of people with an amazing variety of momos. Their sauces give them that special edge / kick. I ate the chicken and cheese momos with a cheesy sauce (yeah I like the cheese, fellas). It was aah-momo-mazing! There are good options (like paneer for instance) for veggie lovers also.

They also make fried momos, which are similar to fried wontons that you get at chinese restaurants (not carts), but it was interesting to see them made right before your eyes. Also, the numerous sauces that I speak of again make KK Momos all the more impressive. They range from spicy to sweet and incorporate some interesting alterations to what is otherwise a pretty standard offering.

Must try if you live in Kammanahalli, Lingarajapuram, St. Thomas Town, Cooke Town, Cox Town, Frazer Town, Mosque Road, etc., or are anywhere near by, you have to try this join out.

A good 4 out of 5 for street food.

KK Momos,
Near Richard’s Park, Clarke Road, Frazer Town, Bangalore – 560005. Map

Gullu’s Chaat: What are you on about?

Gullu’s was an accident for me. We intended to go elsewhere and happened to see it. Someone said, “hey I’ve heard so much about this place and maybe we ought to check it out.” I had heard about this place too, but hadn’t really checked it out.

Service was meted out by a little kid who was way too young to man a counter. Learning early I would say. We ordered a Samosa Masala and a Pani Puri, only to discover that Pani Puri was not available. So, we had to opt for a Cutlet Masala in lieu of the Pani Puri. The Samosa Masala was regular. No different from what you’d get at a regular street-side eatery in Bangalore. It was heavily infused with large sheaths of onions. I like onions, but they ought to balance the flavour, not overwhelm it. Here, the overwhelming was way too strong.

Not very impressed really. 2 out of 5.

Gullu’s Chaat,
No 2/1, Serpentine Road, Kumara Park West, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560020. Map

Kani’s Kitchen: Meaty Rendition To Southie Tradition

I’ll admit I got a little silly with the title, but I always do. So, you live with it… please 🙂

Anyway, so my lovely wife (sorry ladies, yes, I am taken) told me about Kani’s Kitchen and naturally I had to go check it. It’s on Queen’s Road, diagonally opposite to the Congress office – a little ahead of (or what used to be) the Sanjevani Newspaper’s office.

Kani’s Kitchen is spotlessly clean. The steel tables and its Saurav Ganguly like “stand and deliver” concept immediately reminds you of the several Darshinis and Sagars across Bangalore. That said, they have at least two people constantly cleaning, mopping and ensuring that not a drop of gravy stains show up on the floor or tables. Kani’s Kitchen wasn’t crowded as I had expected. Perhaps because it is new (this is July 2017). They have parking to their left, so I think at least a couple of cars can fit in. But then, who really takes cars out in this day and age of Ola and Uber, huh?

Let’s get to the meat of the issue, yes? I ordered a Chicken Keema Dosa, while the wife ordered a South Indian non-veg meal. Apart from what we ordered, there were Biryanis, Chicken Dosas, etc., and a number of regular vegetarian dishes that you’d get at the aforementioned Darshinis and Sagars on the menu.

The non-veg meal was quick to arrive. It had plain rice, curd rice, a chapati, veg gravies, a chicken gravy and one pepper chicken dish. The rice went in smoothly (is that a South Indian thing?) but the chapati – and mind you I really like chapatis and paranthas – was kind of dry and seemed dated. The gravy was spicy, but I found it to be a bit too ‘garlicky’. I like garlic and being a big guy, garlic is essential as it thins the blood. But I am not sure many others would like an overdose of ole lassan. The pepper chicken was dry with way too much cabbage. Almost tasteless.

After hungrily staring at the pan searing my Keema Dosa, it finally arrived. It was piping hot and I had to blow (hush, you pervs) at it constantly before I could get a taste of what it was like. The Keema Dosa was a tad burnt, but not inedible by any means. I did find it to be a little too salty though. The wife didn’t agree, so maybe it was just me. Benefit of doubt given.

Overall, if you like South Indian food, Kani’s is worth a try. I’d say 2.5 out of 5. I’d like to visit them again in a month or so and update this post. My recommendation would be avoid the meals and be a tad adventurous with the Keema or Chicken Dosa.

Kani’s Kitchen,
Google Address: 11/1, Queens Rd, Swamy Shivanandapuram, Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560051. Map

It all began with a promo

This is the post excerpt.

No. My love for food didn’t begin with a promo. It began the moment my mother dipped her finger in some cerelac and gently rubbed it on my tongue. I don’t remember that moment, but she – my mother – knew that what she was carrying in her hands was one kid whose appetite would be the stuff legends would write about.

But… legends didn’t really write about me and my love for food, so I decided to do so myself.

Now, the promo that it all supposedly started with. It was around 2008 (yeah I know, way back – I am old I think), when the media company I was working for were short of a writer to do a food promo. A food promo, for the uninitiated was when you would eat good food, and write about it. Until then the eating was pretty much happening. But at that moment, the writing happened. After that, I continued to write, in an official space, for business reasons, but not for myself.

It is late in the day, but well why not? Guy’s gotta start sometime at least, yeah? So I did. And this will continue. I promise (myself).